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In this short article we explore the WORLD OF LUXURY CRUISES, through the company Silversea Cruises which offers a greater choice of itineraries than any other company does. Cruise voyages and expeditions set sail to over 900 destinations on all seven continents, including the Arctic and Antarctic!

The class that distinguishes Silversea Cruises has led it in a few years to establish itself as a leading company in the field of luxury cruises. The size of the various ships in the fleet allow the company to organize medium and long-term trips. The ships reach unique ports and destinations that big companies cannot offer.


But let's see the 4 REASONS to choose a Silversea cruise:


When it was founded in 1994, Silversea Cruises already had a very specific purpose: to allow tourists from all over the world to enjoy the all-inclusive formula for exclusive holidays that are suitable for the whole family. He has well thought of organizing medium-long cruises, so as to allow all guests to appreciate every corner of the world, without sacrifices and with an always exclusive service. Speaking of all-inclusive, I mean a world of benefits such as excursions (starting from summer 2022) and champagne ... .



The ships that make up the Silversea Cruises fleet fully embody the spirit of the company: the luxury of the furnishings of the common areas and of the individual cabins is palpable from the moment you arrive on the boat, but it is the welcoming comfort that will allow each passenger to feel at ease immediately..



You can choose between Classic and Expedition cruises. The dimensions of the ships are very small: from 100 (Expedition) to 608 passengers (Classic). Do you prefer a unique itinerary and a different holiday, such as the coast of Africa and the most beautiful cities along the Indian Ocean, or a trip to discover the unspoiled nature of Antarctica or Alaska? However, there is no shortage of traditional itineraries, to discover the American west coast or Canada, but also adventures to the Galapagos or the Caribbean, and of course the Mediterranean and Northern Europe.



The onboard experience is so satisfying that most customers absolutely want to return. The crew offers a personalized service that allows passengers to feel at home. Think that the crew / guests ratio is 1: 1.15! A highly qualified butler service is provided for each suite.

In particular, it is worth highlighting two innovative programs: the S.A.L.T (Sea And Land Taste) gastronomic experience and the OTIUM wellness experience, available both in the SPA and in the privacy of your suite. The first is based on the concept of enhancing all the gastronomic traditions encountered along the itinerary: from trips to the markets to special dinners and cooking demonstrations with local chefs who are guests in the cooking workshop. The second is inspired by the traditions of Ancient Rome Otium to create a world of combined leisure and pleasure, from delicious food to spa experiences and socializing.

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