At Royal Chandu, in Zambia, the healing power of nature


Zambia takes its name from the Zambezi River, the fourth longest in Africa, that crosses this country in all its extension, also marking the border with Zimbabwe. Here, the river descends a few steps, the most imposing of which forms the wonderful Victoria Falls, among the most famous in the world. In Zambia, you are really in the heart of Africa, the country is not actually lapped by the sea, its territory is mainly composed of a succession of highlands, and in addition to the basin of the Zambezi River, which forms the Lake Kariba, downstream Victoria Falls,  also includes the Congo River basin, where Lake Tanganyika is located.A trip to the African continent is a deep adventure that involves all the senses, in some way you approach the fundamental principles of life governed by the rhythms of nature. The river provides water for humans, animals and plants, and is not only a source of survival but also a fundamental means of communication. Compared to neighboring Tanzania, Zambia is perhaps a less popular destination for lovers of nature tourism, although even in this country the numerous national parks protect the rich fauna heritage. How to immerse yourself in this natural beauty, drawing an aesthetic contentment and the maximum of spiritual energy, without however renouncing the comfort of an accommodation that, while expressing the characteristics of a 5-star resort, fits into the environment without acting as an element of disturbance?



Royal Chundu is definitely the answer to this need. The lodges are located in two different places. The River Lodges, 10 suites, are located on the bank of the Zambezi River, allowing impressive views especially at sunset. Built with a careful sensitivity to the surrounding nature, and to the local life habits, the lodges have thatched roofs and elegant furnishings with the hues of the river. A typical boma (in South Africa it is an outdoor area for entertainment) around the fire is available for dinner, which becomes a very special experience. The alternative, with an extra touch of luxury, are the Royal Islands Lodges, 4 villas, with private piers, which are located on an island in the middle of the river. The lodges are more spacious, with a sense of greater exclusivity, both because they are surrounded by water and because they have some more comfort elements available, such as the infinity pool and the river-facing bathtubs.


 Whatever the choice, among the services included, in addition to all meals and the transfer by land to and from Livingstone International Airport, there are sunset cruises, Birding Safari and other activities, such as fishing and canoeing, cultural tours and a excursion to Victoria Falls. If you prefer a more comfortable transfer to reach the Royal Chundu, there is also a helipad for helicopter arrivals.Whether you have already been to Africa, and you want to discover places still little known, or if it is the first time for you in this continent and you want to start from a niche destination, one thing is certain: at Royal Chundu you will find the best that hospitality can offer you and the healing power of nature.