Macchu Picchu, where the mystery hovers, among breathtaking views (part II)


When I ended the previous article, I was approaching  Aguas Calientes, the capital of the Machupicchu district, at the end of the journey aboard the Belmond Hiram Bingham train, coming from Cuzco. Let me start by saying that this  is just a sample of the Belmond luxury train routes that can be experienced in Peru. The Belmond Andean Exlplorer offers, for example, another fantastic itinerary that in a long journey crosses the main beauties of the country such as Lake Titicaca, the Canyon of the Coyca up to the white city of Arequipa.


Here, however, as anticipated, we are talking about the Lost City, a dream for me as well, although I have traveled all over the world. Macchu Picchu, built by the Inca people in the fifteenth century, at the behest of their Emperor, means in the Quechua language "old mountain", in fact this site is more than 2400 meters high. The reasons for which it was built still remain mysterious. The location, which makes the place not easily accessible and offers breathtaking views, and the aura of magic that hovers over the entire site, make it one of the most popular and desiderable spots in the world. A true traveler must definitely pass by Macchu Picchu, at least once in a lifetime.


Aguas Calientes is a convenient starting point to reach the archaeological area. Most hotels are concentrated in this pueblo. However, if you want to avoid taking transport to get to the entrance of Macchu Picchu, and the inconveniences at certain times of the day, especially when you return, due to the traffic that is created, despite the not long distance, you can choose to stay at the Belmond Sanctuary hotel. The only resort located right next to the entrance, allows you to fully experience t Macchu Picchu avoiding the long pilgrimages that the visitor from Agua Calientes has to face. Convenience aside, for its excellent strategic position, in this hotel peace and beauty are mixed in an exceptional unicum. The view is crazy and it is a pleasant spiritual caress to take a yoga class or get involved in a traditional ceremony conducted by a shaman.


Moreover a short distance away you enter a realm of magic and enchantment. The ruins, remained unknown for over 4 centuries, before being rediscovered in 1911 by Hiram Bingham, arise in an area surrounded by cliffs, from which a spectacular view of the Urubamba valley dominates. Part of the city was urbanized, with civil and religious stone buildings, built interlocking elements without the use of mortar, a part reserved for agricultural production, with the typical terraced system.Let the guides tell you the fascinating story of Macchu Picchu and the many theories that historians still debate, but I suggest you put the search for explanations in brackets for a moment and abandon yourself to meditative walks among these ruins: the present will merge with the past and eternal, then you will understand why, at least once in lifetime, it is essential to visit this place.