On board the comfortable Star Clippers sailing ships


Here I am again to report the cruises that affect me not only for the routes but also for the special atmosphere on board that the type of boat and the staff can create. Nothing against the great and majestic ships, but sailing on a sailing ship is certainly more exciting and I think you will agree with me on this passionate judgment.

The Star Clippers fleet consists of three ships: Royal Clipper, Star Clipper and Star Flyer.


Royal Clipper, 134 mt. in length and 5 trees, imagine it with its 42 sails deployed. It has the luxurious style of a yacht and welcomes 227 passengers. In 2001 he entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest sailing ship in the world.

Star Clipper and Star Flyer are smaller ships, 115 meters long and 4 trees, accommodating 170 passengers who will appreciate the charm and elegance of the environments of a modern cruise ship that brings to life the fascinating suggestion of the legendary sailing.

I like that there is also a library and a fireplace in Belle Epoque style, to pay homage to travelers of the past.



The three sailing ships sail in seas and follow different itineraries. Royal Clipper focuses cruises in the Caribbean and the Western Mediterranean (also in Italy), the same as Star Flyer with the addition of the Eastern Mediterranean, while Star Flyer sails in South East Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore Thailand).


But the top of these cruises, as I wrote at the beginning, is the special atmosphere that you breathe on board. Very friendly staff, the Captain himself meets the passengers telling anecdotes and giving information. No rigid program to respect, you can entertain yourself by doing excursions or yoga. In some places, local artists could come on board making impromptu performances. In short, the cruise will take place in an atmosphere of carefree, and you will live in the name of informality and friendship, also enjoying the excellent cuisine that will contribute to making the experience even more enjoyable.