"Törggelen", the season of good South Tyrolean flavors


It’s Fall and the images of the grape harvest and chestnuts appear spontaneously in the mind, two highly representative elements of this season of transition between summer and winter. In Sudtirol, following an ancient tradition, towards the end of the grape harvest there is talk of a fifth season, from October until the beginning of Advent. This is the "Törggelen", whose name derives from the word press, "torggl" in German, the press used to crush grapes. At this time of the year, ‘masi’ (typical farms of this area) and farms open their “stuben”, the traditional heated spaces for conviviality, to visitors delighting them with the delicatessen of South Tyrolean cuisine, such as "Schlutzkrapfen" ravioli, dumplings, sausages with sauerkraut . Roast chestnuts and sweet donuts, accompanied by new wine, are a must. The origin of this tradition dates back to over a century ago when the peasants offered a large banquet as a thank you to all those who had worked in the fields. Visiting South Tyrol on the occasion of the "Törggelen" is therefore an ideal time to experience the beginning of this season in the best possible way. When the leaves begin to turn yellow, the wonderful colors of the autumn foliage invite you to stroll through the vineyards, chestnut groves, woods and picturesque mountain villages. What is the best way to end a nice trek if not a tantalizing gastronomic stop?


An excellent solution to stay, just 15 minutes by car from Merano, is the Fragsburg Castle, a decidedly refined Château hotel, the smallest 5-star hotel in South Tyrol. For the excellence of its services, it is part of the Virtuoso circuit which particularly appreciates the mix of its Mediterranean sensuality and alpine privacy. It is a true luxury retreat with only 20 suites each one different from the other, an amazing cuisine, the restaurant is Michelin starred, a huge park around it, and an out of the ordinary spa, which uses products handed down from the old popular wisdom, a fine connoisseur of medicinal herbs from the Sudtirol area.


In this period of Covid everything is rigorously sanified, very precise safety rules are in place, and the huge spaces guarantee an excellent distance. Another truly original space of this hotel, which clearly shows the attention paid to the total well-being of the guests, is

the Sanctuary where meditation and yoga are just some experiences to restore the balance of body and mind. This is a mystical place where the protagonist Belle Flore will lead you to learn about the other Sacred Arts, thanks to her studies of ancient civilizations. In short, to close this short article, I would like to take up the words with which the hotel promotes itself to the public: a stay at Castel Fragsburg is a tribute to life and the pleasure of living it!

For info and reservations in this resort, (in this case I have the opportunity to make you get the benefits of Virtuoso: any upgrading on availability, the Royal breakfast, a 50-minute massage, a special balm, a Tibetan sound medicine treatment) or in other accommodations in South Tyrol, do not hesitate to contact me:



Per info e prenotazioni in questa struttura, (in questo caso ho la possibilità di farvi applicare i benefits di Virtuoso: eventuale upgrading su disponibilità, la colazione Royal, un massaggio da 50 minuti, un balsamo speciale creato, un balsamo speciale, un rituale della medicina tibetana del suono) o in altre sistemazioni in Sudtirolo, non esitate a contattarmi: