Holiday in Pantelleria, in a 5-star hotel


Today I dedicate my article on this blog to the beautiful island of Pantelleria: located in the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily and Tunisia, it is a true hidden gem offering breathtaking landscapes, rich history and unique culture. Its wilderness has captivated and continues to attract many well-known faces of the international jet set. For lovers of luxury and tranquility, I recommend the Sikelia Hotel. Let's find out why it is the perfect choice for an unforgettable vacation:

1. An architectural jewel

Sikelia Hotel is a true architectural jewel that combines the charm of Pantelleria's traditional "dammusi" with modern and elegant design. Dammusi are ancient lava stone buildings, typical of the island, and the hotel has expertly preserved their authenticity. Each suite is an oasis of style and sophistication, with exclusive furnishings and thoughtful details that create a unique atmosphere.  Enjoy breathtaking views of the island and be pampered by the tranquility and elegance that characterize each space.


2. Unforgettable dining experiences

The dining experience at Sikelia Hotel is a true sensory journey. The hotel's restaurant offers dishes inspired by Pantelleria tradition, made with fresh, high-quality local ingredients. Savor unique specialties that expertly blend Mediterranean flavors and Arabic influences, all accompanied by a selection of fine wines. Before dinner, the sunset aperitif on the roof of the dammusi is not to be missed.

3. Wellness and relaxation

The resort offers an oasis of wellness and relaxation, with services dedicated to physical and mental well-being. Enjoy rejuvenating treatments at the spa, relax in the outdoor pool or simply soak in the quiet of your suite's private garden.

4.Island exploration

The resort is the ideal starting point for exploring the beauty of Pantelleria. The hotel also has a boat to discover the island's most striking sights, such as its spectacular cliffs, natural pools, and hot springs.


Sikelia Hotel in Pantelleria represents a unique combination of luxury, authenticity and natural beauty. With its dreamy suites, unforgettable dining experiences, wellness services, and the opportunity to explore the island, this hotel is the perfect choice for those who want a luxury vacation in an authentic and fascinating setting.

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Who I am: I am Michela del Bianco, a travel consultant for over 30 years, and I am part of the team of Mikrotour, a partner agency of Virtuoso, the international circuit dedicated to luxury travel. My passion has always been traveling to get to know countries with different culture, art and nature, experiencing a new emotion each time. My desire is to transmit this passion, emotions, knowledge and opportunities so that travel is always an unforgettable experience.